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  • A taste of Sgaia Mheat – review


    A few days or so back I was lucky enough to receive a package of Mheatin the post from its creators Sgaia to try out.   As someone who makes his own seitan I was really looking forward to trying out Mheat as it is similar to seitan; or the cans of mock duck that you can find in Chinese supermarkets. As a seitan lover and an English grad, I just couldn’t resist a chance to“compare and contrast” Mheat with my homemade seitan.

    Inside the stylish recyclable packaging there’s a 150g sealed package ofMheat. Where to start? Do I begin with frying it as suggested? Do I thinly slice it into a sandwich? Stir fry it? Pop it into a meal for my laptop lunchbox? I was seriously spoiled for choice, so I decided to think about it for a few days: what would be the best way to try this out.

    Mheat - packaging front
    Mheat – packaging front
    Mheat - packaging back
    Mheat – packaging back

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