Vegans! We’re so difficult in restaurants aren’t we? (a true story)

Vegans! We’re so difficult in restaurants aren’t we? Always making demands on the staff with our strange requests and weird ass diet.

Lemme tell you what happened the other night…

Due to problems with the Pizza Express40% off offer we decided to go elsewhere. Well done Pizza Express. We were there on the day’s and time specified in your offer but … without an 8 digit code from your website we can’t get the offer.

So, the two of us leave and go for a curry at our local award winning Nepalese Restaurant.
We order from the vegetable selection (Vegetable Jalfrezi, Chana Masala, Tarka Dhal, Lemon Rice) no messing about. No pestering the staff with our ‘demanding’ dietary requirements.

We’re eating when a couple comes in. They look at menu, the fella decides he wants to order something not on the menu.

A boiled egg curry. But “with no meat or vegetables in it” he says.
“Oh” says the waiter, “so it’s boiled egg in a curry sauce?”

“Yes” says the fella.

“But there’s vegetables in the sauce” says the waiter.
Fella then says “tomatoes are ok”, and lists a few other things.
Waiter says “Are you a vegan?”
“No” says the fella.

Meanwhile … there’s us two vegans sitting opposite happily eating. Like ‘normal’ people.
And it’s so hard to cater for vegans isn’t it? It’s not easy, like catering for ‘normal’ people, is it?

We had it easy. Us ‘difficult’ vegans.
I mean, FFS!, what kind of weird assed diet is a boiled egg curry with no meat or vegetables, but tomato ( a fruit, used a vegetable) is ok?

And they say we’re weird! 

I guess I could have said to the waiter “vegans don’t eat eggs” but we were trying hard not to burst out in hysterical laughter.