A taste of Sgaia Mheat – review


A few days or so back I was lucky enough to receive a package of Mheatin the post from its creators Sgaia to try out.   As someone who makes his own seitan I was really looking forward to trying out Mheat as it is similar to seitan; or the cans of mock duck that you can find in Chinese supermarkets. As a seitan lover and an English grad, I just couldn’t resist a chance to“compare and contrast” Mheat with my homemade seitan.

Inside the stylish recyclable packaging there’s a 150g sealed package ofMheat. Where to start? Do I begin with frying it as suggested? Do I thinly slice it into a sandwich? Stir fry it? Pop it into a meal for my laptop lunchbox? I was seriously spoiled for choice, so I decided to think about it for a few days: what would be the best way to try this out.

Mheat - packaging front
Mheat – packaging front
Mheat - packaging back
Mheat – packaging back


Decisions made; a few days later I opened the package, savoring the rich aroma from within. I tested a small piece of Mheat to eat and from the package it’s really good. I could use this in a sandwich alright. You won’t need to flavour this with anything else, but I couldn’t resist trying it out with a marinade.


Mheat - inside the box
Mheat – inside the box

I opted for marinating the Mheat in a mixture of Stubbs Liquid Hickory Smoke, and Henry Weston’s cider for an hour whilst I prepared the rest of the contents of the salad & Mheat wrap. Once the marinade was complete I fried the small pieces I’d cut up. A few minutes later I added them to the wrap. This meal was made for two people. Both were satisfied with big smiles.


Mheat tortila wrap with salad
Mheat tortila wrap with salad

The next meal I opted for also consisted of the marinated Mheatcooked in a stir fry with lots of mixed vegetables and noodles. Again this was for two people.  Again, it worked beautifully.


Mheat & vegetable stirfry with noodles
Mheat & vegetable stirfry with noodles

In both recipes the Mheat worked really well. I particularly liked the texture of it, smooth on the outside, fibrous and chewy on the inside. It really absorbed the flavours so well.

So how did it compare to my homemade seitan? The texture and flavouring are excellent, just like mine. The Mheat is moister than my seitan. This is something I’d like to be able to replicate myself (not that I’m at all jealous ….. oh, alright, I am.)

My first thought when I opened up the package was “only 150g! Is that going to enough to make a meal for two?” And yes, it was. It made two rather nice small meals.

Would I buy it myself? Yes, as a treat. Where I can see it selling well is to non-vegans who are entertaining, or parents of vegans who are cooking a meal for the kids.

Roll this out to the folks as a breaded steak, or pop it in a pie or stir fry and you can be sure it’ll go down well. Just don’t expect big portions. But like my mother used to say ‘Quality, not Quantity.

Polite note: This review has been organised by theVEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION

It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.

Sgaia Foods are listed with the VLAand you can see their listing here.


This review was originally posted on my Vegan Laptop Lunchbox tumblr page.