• Welcome to Quick and Vegan

    Hello there.

    So what’s this all about then?

    Well, as a vegan of over 30 years I decided to finally get myself a blog sorted; after all, this is the modern world and I ought to join in with it. I’ll be posting thoughts, ideas, recipes, reviews, photographs and whatever else comes to mind. Look upon this blog as my scrapbook, diary, notepad, photo and art gallery.

    You can also find me on Tumblr at Vegan Laptop Lunchbox There you’ll find photographs of the contents of my work laptop lunchbox. Four days a week I document what I’ve put together for my lunch. The purpose of it is:

    • to provide inspiration and ideas for vegan work lunches
    • to show how fabulous a vegan lunch can be
    • demonstrate it really is easy it is to create a great lunch that will tempt your work colleagues
    • to make use of leftovers, and thus cutting down on food waste
    • getting it out there that it is really easy to be vegan
    • it’s cheaper to be vegan
    • and to promote discussion with non-vegans.

    You’ll also find me on Twitter where I tweet about vegan food, music, and social issues.

    I’m also new to Instagram where I post about vegan food and much more.

    For now though, I’ll leave you to have a look around my blog. I hope you enjoy it. If there is something amiss then please do let me know.


    Why ‘Quick and Vegan‘?

    • I’m vegan.
    • And I don’t want to waffle, let’s keep this short and quick.




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  • Jill Phipps – 21 years on

    Today is 21 years since my vegan friend Jill Phipps died whilst protesting against the export of live calves from Bagington Airport, Coventry. At that time I had moved away from Coventry to Leicester to go to university; I heard the news on the radio that evening. At that point they didn’t name her, and I guessed it had to be one of my friends, I just wondered who. It was some hours later that she was named.

    Jill was a fabulous woman, full of life, full of joyous energy, determination, and love. When I see her in my head it’s always with her big smile.

    We first met when I joined the local AR group, Coventry Animal Alliance. We went to the same demos and gigs, sabbing, and would sometimes eat together as we only lived a few minutes apart.

    Jill and her family were a great inspiration to me. The first time I ever got arrested for AR stuff was with her mother, Nancy, at a protest against Hudson Bay House (the fur auction room) in London. Nancy was everyone’s mum, or nan.

    I spent several hours in a police cell (seeing how being confined against ones will, being held in a ‘cage’, it made me more determined to fight for animal and human liberation). Meanwhile, Nancy wasn’t in a cell, and was being treated to cups of tea by the police. She was that nice. And Jill was just like that too. Full of love and anger. Love for the humans and animals of the world, and the Earth herself. Anger at the injustices and suffering of all of those.

    If Jill was alive now she’d see a world in which being vegan isn’t an oddity, that we are now EVERYWHERE.

    Remember those who helped bring this about. Those who went before us. Those who lit up our lives, and lived to change the world for the better.

    Fly on free Jill.

    Imbolc blessings.

  • Good Carma – ‘Flavour Fusion’ review

    Ahhh, the life of a vegan product reviewer is a tough one; you get sent lovely items to try out, and then write about them. It’s a hard life.

    Oh alright, it isn’t; it’s a wonderful way to try out products you wouldn’t necessarily buy, or even see in some stores. Good Carma’s Flavour Fusion was one of those pleasant surprises. I’d not heard of them, or theirFlavour Fusion range of dairy free Parmesan style cheese.

    Good Carma Flavour Fusion
    Good Carma Flavour Fusion

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  • Chilli Bean Salsa

    Last night I decided I wanted to make some either chilli beans, or re-fried beans for my #veganlaptoplunchbox

    On the way home from work I popped into the supermarket for a few items I thought I’d need. As is my usual cooking process I rarely ever follow a recipe, and so here’s what I made in less than an hour.

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  • Baked Seitan & Aubergine filled Tortillas with a chilli sauce

    I’m the kind of cook who looks at recipes in the collection of many cookbooks and thinks “mmm I like the sound of that but…”

    Yeah, I’m not good at following recipes. I tend to cook what I feel like, how I feel, so many times it’s hard to replicate. Tonight I made a meal that was inspired by ‘Santa Fe Red Chilli Enchiladas’ from ‘The Art Of Tofu’ by Akasha Richmond. You can find it here: amzn.to/1PezBcb

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  • Vegans! We’re so difficult in restaurants aren’t we? (a true story)

    Vegans! We’re so difficult in restaurants aren’t we? Always making demands on the staff with our strange requests and weird ass diet.

    Lemme tell you what happened the other night…

    Due to problems with the Pizza Express40% off offer we decided to go elsewhere. Well done Pizza Express. We were there on the day’s and time specified in your offer but … without an 8 digit code from your website we can’t get the offer.

    So, the two of us leave and go for a curry at our local award winning Nepalese Restaurant.
    We order from the vegetable selection (Vegetable Jalfrezi, Chana Masala, Tarka Dhal, Lemon Rice) no messing about. No pestering the staff with our ‘demanding’ dietary requirements.

    We’re eating when a couple comes in. They look at menu, the fella decides he wants to order something not on the menu.

    A boiled egg curry. But “with no meat or vegetables in it” he says.
    “Oh” says the waiter, “so it’s boiled egg in a curry sauce?”

    “Yes” says the fella.

    “But there’s vegetables in the sauce” says the waiter.
    Fella then says “tomatoes are ok”, and lists a few other things.
    Waiter says “Are you a vegan?”
    “No” says the fella.

    Meanwhile … there’s us two vegans sitting opposite happily eating. Like ‘normal’ people.
    And it’s so hard to cater for vegans isn’t it? It’s not easy, like catering for ‘normal’ people, is it?

    We had it easy. Us ‘difficult’ vegans.
    I mean, FFS!, what kind of weird assed diet is a boiled egg curry with no meat or vegetables, but tomato ( a fruit, used a vegetable) is ok?

    And they say we’re weird! 

    I guess I could have said to the waiter “vegans don’t eat eggs” but we were trying hard not to burst out in hysterical laughter.

  • A taste of Sgaia Mheat – review


    A few days or so back I was lucky enough to receive a package of Mheatin the post from its creators Sgaia to try out.   As someone who makes his own seitan I was really looking forward to trying out Mheat as it is similar to seitan; or the cans of mock duck that you can find in Chinese supermarkets. As a seitan lover and an English grad, I just couldn’t resist a chance to“compare and contrast” Mheat with my homemade seitan.

    Inside the stylish recyclable packaging there’s a 150g sealed package ofMheat. Where to start? Do I begin with frying it as suggested? Do I thinly slice it into a sandwich? Stir fry it? Pop it into a meal for my laptop lunchbox? I was seriously spoiled for choice, so I decided to think about it for a few days: what would be the best way to try this out.

    Mheat - packaging front
    Mheat – packaging front
    Mheat - packaging back
    Mheat – packaging back

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  • My veganism is simple to understand

    never place death on my tongue, nor suffering in my hand


    “Never place Death on my tongue

    Nor Suffering in my hand”  



    By living a vegan lifestyle I choose to exclude items that are gained by the suffering of all living creatures, myself included. I will not eat animal produce, that is gained by Death and exploitation. I will not use the produce or products that have been created by the Suffering on non-humans.

  • What Vegan is to me.

    If you’re reading this then you’re probably already vegan, or thinking of taking it up. We all have different reasons that have brought us here, to this choice: animal rights; economical; world hunger; environmentalism; health; spirituality, and more. Some of those reasons may not even be apparent to us when we first make that change in our lives. In my case, like a lot of other people, I went vegan as the next natural step from vegetarianism, and as part of an animal rights centred belief.

    As I’ve aged, those reasons have taken on different priorities. They’ve always been there but as my understanding of life changes so have the priorities.

    That’s the purpose behind this piece, it’s a chance for me to examine my reasons, and what”vegan” is to me.

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